Laurentium is a Criminal & Ethical Risks Management Consultancy with an international focus in the areas of Investigations, Risk Analysis, Crisis Management and Security Consulting.
In a business environment that increasingly is driven by risk management and compliance regulation, as well as geopolitical challenges, Laurentium has emerged as a leading strategic partner for the management of international businesses since its founding in 2004. Laurentium’s mission is to support clients with customized and discreet problem-solving solutions.
As a business risk consultant, we help clients to achieve their goals by combining the expertise of an established management consultancy with the accumulated practical experience of specialists from executive government agencies, senior security managers and diplomatic services.

With our four practice areas we enable our clients to recognize threats at an early stage, to comply with security regulations, to implement effective security measures, and to handle crises professionally.


  • Investigative Due Diligences
  • Pre-Employment Screenings
  • Fraud-Investigations
  • Asset Tracking & Recovery
  • White-Collar Crime Investigations


  • Auditing
  • Risk Inventory
  • Risk Analysis
  • Riso Monitoring
  • LkSG & Human Rights Auditing
  • Risk Management Integration


  • Integrated CRM
  • Corporate Security Development
  • Interims CSO
  • Security Audits
  • Expat Security Services
  • Security Concepts


  • Organizational Structures & Workflows
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Local Evacuation Planning
  • Crisis Training
  • Crisis Response

We at Laurentium provide our analytical, investigative and conceptional know-how with a core team of eight Senior Consultants and an international network of local experts, and thus enable our clients to succeed in risky and difficult markets.