Due to their duty of care and multiple sectoral regulations, managers are obliged to establish an appropriate level of protection for company assets. They include the company’s supply chain, facilities, critical infrastructure, substances-of-interest, reputation, business travellers, operational continuity, and critical information.

The protection of company assets is the foundation of all commercial activities. It is our conviction that a modern and integrated Corporate Security Management can contribute substantially to the economic success of any company by acting as an enabler and internal consultant.

Laurentium enables you to establish efficient and intelligent security solutions for your company assets.


  • establishes and develops your global Corporate Security Department;
  • provides Interim Chief Security Officers (CSO) on short notice;
  • develops meaningful Key Risk and Key Performance Indicators for your security management;
  • implements cross-divisional Criminal & Ethical Risks Management Solutions;
  • audits your organisational, technical, structural and personnel prevention, protection, and reaction measures;
  • tests existing Criminal Risks Mitigation measures with penetration tests and simulations;
  • identifies security and protection gaps;
  • supports you in setting adequate and compliant Protection Goals;
  • develops effective Security and Incident Response Concepts and Guidelines;
  • trains, sensitises, and coaches your employees.